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Ok. So many of you will read the title of this post and be completely thrown off, and others might be intrigued. There may even be some that have an idea of where I'm going with this  blog post, but no matter which of the aforementioned categories you personally fall into... Please keep reading :)

We live in a society that is captivated by visual appeal. The more intriguing, colorful, professional or cutting edge that something looks... The more attention it is guaranteed to receive. That much is clear. But what is often unclear, is how to maintain that attention.

For instance, there has been a magnificent increase in business and ministry startups this year alone. There's also been a huge increase in the creation of YouTube channels, Instagram pages and blogging sites each and every day. But what is that defining factor that sets one idea / blog / business / organization/ YouTube channel from the other?


Makes sense right? The more you remain diligent and consistent in pushing out content or creating excellent products on a continual basis... Then the more loyal the fan base, customer, and consumer will become.

Now that the economics 101 portion of the blog is over, we can move on to the good stuff.

The word "fresh", for the fashion savvy individual, is a term used to describe people who have consistent style or 'swag'. These people are always well groomed, well mannered, and well dressed. But can the same thing be said of them spiritually? Do they continually speak, dress, and behave in a Christlike manner? That would depend on whether or not they've decided to follow the teachings of Jesus right?

Right. Well, most of you would agree with me when I say that it's easier said than done. For me personally, inconsistency is my biggest flaw. I have a track record of not keeping my word or not finishing things in various areas of my life. It's always been as though I never get to reach the maximum of my potential in any area because I wouldn't remain faithful to it long enough. But I eventually got so sick of that being what described me, that I made a permanent decision to work on being spiritually consistent with the faith that I professed and that's partly how and why this ministerial blog was birthed. It helps to hold myself accountable to what Gods word says, and enables me to be able to help others do so as well.

There's a passage in the Old Testament written in the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 9 verse 8 which states:

                  "Let your garments always be white, and let your head lack no oil."

Simple enough. But we all know how difficult it is to keep white clothes and shoes clean once you step outside.  We give a wide berth to anything that looks dusty, greasy, or dirty, in order to lessen the chances of our outfit being stained. So here is some food for thought: What do you think our spiritual lives will look like if we (with the help of the Holy Spirit) treated sin, and activities that encourage sin, in the same manner? You guessed it. Squeaky Clean. 


For me, staying fresh is vital. Staying Fresh is a testimony. Staying fresh is a mission that we've all been given the tools to accomplish through God's word. Staying Fresh is a lifestyle that we should be encouraged to live every single day, Not Just Sunday. 

- Loni Elizabeth



White turtleneck Dress - Forever 21red

Black stretch pencil skirt - Forever 21red

White pointed toe heels - Nine West Outlet

Location: Coconut Grove Miami

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