He Makes All Things New

Why is it that with cooler weather, it gets a little harder to figure out what to wear? I’m already cold as it is during the warmer seasons and all I want to do during the cooler weather is layer up and wrap a warm blanket around me. If only I could wear my warm, fuzzy robe to church that would definitely be cozy, but at the same time kinda embarrassing. I know for a fact I would make a fashion statement.. but not the kind I want to be remembered by. 

As we get into the winter season, we also get closer to the end of another year. The achievements we accomplished this year seem to be overshadowed by the things we didn’t complete this year. Some of us calmly remind ourselves that “there’s always next year” to finish those goals and there’s also those of us who are hoping there is still time to complete things.

Take this post for example.. I’ve been trying to write something meaningful and motivational for months. My struggle is that I never know how to begin a sentence. I’ll have the ending and the middle ready, but can never figure out what to say first. 

It wasn’t until today at church that I was sitting, waiting for service to start that words finally started to come to mind, and that’s when I realized that everything is at God’s time.

For months I have been praying and meditating on how to begin writing out my message and unexpectedly God provides. God’s time is perfect. 

When we think it’s too late or when we are getting close to the end of another year, He does a spontaneous miracle. 

I love it when God surprises me because it makes me understand that everything really does happen for a reason and I end up learning something new. 

Today I learned that while we wait for God to answer our prayers we must worship and be thankful. When we feel like we’re at our lowest point and are about to give up, God will be there. 

Ephesians 3:20 says that  with His power working in us , He can do much more than what we ask or think of. God loves us so much that if we believe in Him and wait on Him, He provides much more than what we ask for because for Him nothing is impossible, and He’s more than capable of making everything beautiful in its time. 

Every single day, Not Just Sunday.

With Love, Judith. 

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