God First, Bro

It’s finally Friday! I can’t believe another week has gone by. I look forward to the weekend now because for me, weekends are for playing dress up! 

My Saturdays consist of relaxing, watching movies, and putting outfits together. This is the day where I usually take hours picking outfits for the week for days when I have church, extra-curricular activities, and events. 

After I put an outfit together, I try it on to see if it works or not. If an outfit looks good, I put it together on a hanger and hang it up, but if I don’t like it, then I put it away.

Isn’t it crazy to think that we can spend hours on doing the things we like, but find ways to avoid doing the things that we don’t like? You may not agree with this, but oftentimes those things we procrastinate on doing, should be prioritized over the things we do enjoy. 

For instance, I love singing and worshiping, but when it comes to reading the Word of God, I struggle so much. I know that in the long run it will benefit me and that after reading and receiving the Word I will feel peace... but to actually start reading is hard. 

Another thing I struggle with is fasting. It’s not so much the not eating part that I struggle with, it’s more like I am not a morning person. (Hmm,  maybe that’s why I like breakfast at night.) Anyways, like I was saying we tend to spend more time on things that temporarily makes us happy and the things we find boring or hard to do are the things that will help us in the long run.

Why do the things of God have to be so hard? Growing up, I remember my youth leader saying that the more we draw closer to God the more battles there will be because the enemy will relentlessly try to throw you down. 

From personal experience I have learned that when we work hard and struggle for something we want, it will be valued more than receiving it the easy way. Jesus never said this walk was going to be easy but He insisted that He would be with us every step of the way.

It’s good to make time for the things we enjoy but in everything we do, we must include God. Luke 12:31 says that we should look for God’s kingdom first then He will give you the other things you need. When we put God first and make time for him before anything else, He will take care of everything in our lives. He will provide peace, joy rest, comfort, and so much more. When we include him in our daily lives, we will begin to feel different. God will begin to provide what we need and give us more than what we ask for. 

What I like to say “ God first bro.” He doesn’t ask for much, just a few moments of our time that’s all. So let’s give our God what He deserves, every single day, Not Just Sunday.

With love, Judith. 



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  • Thank you Judith for your article, it’s true that the more we seek to grow in the things of God the harder it gets but God our Helper never lets us go through it alone and disarmed, we will always come up as winners.

    Chantal Phillips

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