Back to the Basics: Becoming Adamant Again


I remember being 6 or 7 years old and having a favorite Lisa Frank purse, do you remember that brand? Well I loved Lisa Frank, everything about the brand, the folders, the stickers, all the clothes, everything Lisa Frank, I was obsessed with it, and that purse! That purse was my favorite thing ever, I couldn’t be torn away from it. It didn’t matter if other people thought it was silly of me for carrying around a Lisa frank purse filled with Barbie dolls and beanie babies, I didn’t care, I just loved it! 

You couldn’t tell me anything about it, oh and trying to take it away from me caused some major problems! I had fight in me when it came to that purse, when my mom tried to wash it, she would have a fit trying to pry it from my hands, even when it became worn out from overuse I couldn’t bring myself to part with it, it was mine and I loved it. When you were a child, what was it that you loved and made you happy? Can you remember how simple it was when you had that one thing that brought you joy, not caring what others thought, not caught up in the cares of this world, but being that young child filled with so much joy, and happiness… right before the drama and distrust life throws at you began to sink in.

Do you remember loving something and fighting for something that was yours, something that was so easy and so simple but it was yours 


Now what if we had that same zeal and passion for Christ like we had for that favorite childhood thing. What if we could return back to the basic simplicity of the love we had as a child, think how easy it could be to love Christ and be able to love as a Christianthe way we loved when we were children. Just think about it, aa child how stubborn we were when it came down to the thing we loved and cared about, how we would fight tooth and nail for that thing,  even throw a whole tantrum when it was taken away. Think how stubborn we were about the thing that brought us joy.

It’s time for us to get stubborn about Christ, it’s time for us to remember how adamant Christ was about us and be just as adamant about Christ and our salvation. We should be angry when the enemy attempts to come in our life and take the joy and happiness we were given, we should throw a fit when it comes to something trying to come between us and Christ. We need that innocent love and joy we had as children, maybe then we would be willing to fight harder for our salvation

Going back to the basics is more than just starting over, its bringing that innocent love and joy we had as youth back out, using it, and being able to put it towards something more than the material things we may use to cover up pain. If we can get back to the basics of our Christianity, back to where it all started, back to the foundation, we can see that it’s still the same, Christ doesn’t change, no matter how much we may change. He still loves us and pursues us, and He still wants us every single day. Not Just Sunday!

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